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Useful Components in Routine and Normal Psychological Assessment Process

Psychological assessment is a procedure carried out on a person by a skilled and qualified psychologist to determine if the person requires mental health services. Most people are advised to go for these specialized mental health tests and screening processes. Additionally, most of this screening is for the purpose of employment, legal and education. Several skilled psychiatrists can tell the process methods to use after they evaluate a person’s tendencies and behaviors. Traditionally, the purpose and method of mental assessment varies from an individual to another. There are psychologists who lay their focus on the most important aspects of the process without considering the psychological assessment format.

Since a psychologist is able to observe their patient no wonder they prefer having a personal interview with their patient. During the interview, a psychologist is able to gather information on the patient’s current state of mind and their background. The mode of answering questions by the interviewee helps the doctor to collect any clues whether verbal or non-verbal. The way an interviewee answer is also evaluated based on their tones and voice nuances. Normally, such psychologists ask questions based on particular statements, situations and questions. The measure and steps to be taken by a psychologist are directed by how an interviewee responds to questions. But, psychological assessment can be carried out using unstructured or structured interviews.

Formal observation is the other method used by psychologists to assess their patients. Formal observation is a preferred method by most psychologists since they can be able to observe their patients formally. Their behavior whether intentional or unintentional can be a pointer to their mental health. But a person can be formally observed with or without prior knowledge or intimation. The psychologist has the role in observing the behavior of an individual in various areas as well as how they react when with others. Some psychologists prefer this kind of assessment for mental health screening over other methods such as interview methods. During the time the person is being observed the psychologists can determine the needed mental health.

In psychological assessment, there are many formal tests. Most psychological tests are effective ways of measuring a person’s mental health based on specific bits of intelligence, aptitudes, and talents. Usually, a person should go through some tests that will assess their personality, preferences, ability and intelligence quotient. After going through the tests, the psychologist gathers the needed information and data. The information and data that is gathered after the tests are used to determine a person’s mental health. There are times when the tests that are carried out help to reduce mental health conditions.

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