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Fashion Seminars

An exclusive seminar for the Latin American market

A conference especially created for Première Brasil by the Première Vision fashion team, and presented by Pascaline Wilhelm, Première Vision Fashion Director.

A complete source of information for you to discover international fashion trends, presented by the Première Vision fashion team, simultaneously translated into Portuguese and Spanish.

The exclusive and general Première Vision colour range, decoded by colour family and illustrated by harmonies broken down by market. The major fabric directions are presented by fashion theme, and by market, with colour and textile illustrations for the women's, men's, sportswear and beachwear markets.

A trend film to provide inspiration, a sensitive and forward-looking film, full of images and sounds that convey the energy of the season. 
An illustrated resume of the presentation will be distributed to all participants.

Wait for the fashion information for Spring/Summer 2012.

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