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Check what the exhibitors thought about the second edition of Première Brasil:

Seterie Argenti
Michele Vigano, owner of Seterie Argenti, says the event is very nice, better than the previous edition. “Quality clients with good perceptions on our collection were the distinguishing features. They perceived we had done special research for the development of fabrics and finishes, hardly found in Brazil. We plan to come back in January”, he says.

“We were very pleased with the event. We received visitors from all over Brazil, and foreign visitors, as well. The lecture with Bia Aidar was very successful, achieving maximum capacity”, says Marli Vernille Guth, Canatiba’s Marketing Manager.

Maria José Orione, Tavex’s South American Marketing Manager, underscored the quality of visitors who came to this edition, which was bigger than the previous one. “The quality offered in the Forum was also better, the look of the exhibit was more attractive than the last edition and the higher level of occupation in the pavilion gave us a feel of amplitude”, says the Marketing Manager.

Mauri Angelo
Federico Mauri states that “clients had good impressions on our products, and we believe we have found a representative here in Brazil. In this sense, it was very good”. He also says: “visitors perceived that our trimmings are different from those usually found in Brazil and that attracts significant interest, especially for lingerie”.

Dentelles A. Laude
Jean Pascoal, company owner, said that the second edition was very nice and it exceeded all expectations. “We made many contacts and expect to have deals closed in the near future”, he says. “The organization, the Forum, the visitors. It was better that we expected”, he says.

Saliba has participated in the first edition of Première Brasil and, according to their sales manager, Ana Pinheiros, it should have been one of the first exhibitors to enroll for this edition again. “My perception was that in January it was pretty full of people, but on the first day, I see that it is much busier”, says the Sales Manager. Saliba brought to Première Brasil silk and jacquard knitwear and tulle, a big hit of the brand for the Fall/Winter 2011.

Dalila Têxtil
With a busy stand, André da Silva, Dalila Têxtil Director, said that in the first edition of the event in Brazil, he participated as a visitor and did not want to miss the Fall/Winter 2011 edition. “We received many designers, apparel companies and business persons. Brazil needed such an event, with the correct timing for apparel companies to develop their collections while researching”, says the director of the brand.

Palagi & Palagi
For the first time, Palagi & Palagi is exhibiting in Première Brazil. The company works with leather, and has brought a diverse line of products to visitors. The big hit is the Summit, which can be used on leather or fabric. Representing Menphis in Brazil, P&P expects that the exhibit open the doors to the Brazilian market such that they may work with textile products, says Sara Ponne, in charge of Research and Development.

Miroglio Têxtil
Giovanni Barroeiro, Director of Miroglio, expects to attract many people to his stand, as in additin to regular visitors, he has invited several clients to check out the trends. The fabrics exhibited are based on the collection that the company presented in Italy, in which the big hit are renewed colors, exclusively created to be exhibited in the Brazilian event.

Circle Line
Circle Line is doing its first businesses in the Brazilian market and believes that Première Brasil is an opportunity to get familiar with Brazilian consumers and present their fabrics and brand new products. The company has exhibited its products and, in this edition, it expects a bigger audience, once it has debuted in the previous event.

Glow Tecidos
Glow Tecidos is exhibiting for the first time in the event and has brought brand new products to visitors. Commercial Representative Cláudia Caetano holds ‘‘the best expectations with the event”, once the number of visitors at the stand is exceeding all expectations. The company works with a wide range of fabrics, from the most robust ones to the lightest ones. The big hit are the fabrics with a more technological feel.

Antex has brought a collection with blended yarns, producing a metal-like effect, shining fanrics and natural yarns. Marta Molits, company representative, said that Première Brasil has grown and she expects a great number of visitors, make new contacts and deliver future businesses.

Exhibiting for the second time, Forbe has brought a big hit, knitwear produced from milk protein, dyed yarns, Chamomix and several distinguished fabrics for the Fall/Winter. The company has designed the Promodal, a mix of Tencel and Modal. The company says that this year, the number of visitors is exceeding all expectations, and on the very first day, this number is bigger than the previous edition. 

The Vice President of Cootegal, Fernando Marchioro, says he is very pleased with the audience and the contacts made on the first day of the second Première Brasil. The company has good perspectives with the event and has brought many new launches to buyers, including blended-fiber fabrics, pure wool, wool & polyester and wool & cotton. The company is strongly focused on the launch of distinguished yarns and chenille.

Hudtelfa’s designer, Sandra Baptista, says that in this edition, they have attracted important clients from the textile market. She expects that the exhibit increase in the next editions, generating greater visibility to exhibitors. Hudtelfa, whose main focus is shirting, has divided its collection into womenwear (Urban Chic, Military, Mix and Country Life) and menswear (Street mix, Country, Simple and Metropolitan). The collection also includes childrenwear. Cotton fabrics 100%, dyed yarns, checkered and Jacquard fabrics are also showcased.   

We work with 100% recycled products and appreciate an Ethical Fashion. Denovo’s Marketing Consultant, Ric Viana, said that the event exceeded their expectations. “Denovo is a small company with an upside potential. We have pre-launched the Denim line and had many orders placed. We perceived that Première Brasil attracted many visitors from Brazil and abroad. Our jeans line will be launched in October and we forecast many businesses opportunities to come. Our products incorporate a sustainable production process, focusing on an ethical fashion. We work only with 100% recycled products, and fabrics have a percentage of unfibered cotton with recycled pet polyester. The partnerships we have sealed are critical to our business”.

We enjoyed a good receptivity from our visitors, the audience has exceeded our expectations. Exhibiting for the first time in Première Brasil, Borckentein has received many visitors. Sales Manager Jorge Pinto said that the clients’ receptivity has been a great surprise. “Those clients who visited us were willing to close deals. We are very pleased with the results delivered since day one.  Our main launches are the Micro modal with silk and Micro modal with cashmere. These fabrics were highly sought, with great acceptance from the audience.” 

Selected public in the fashion salon impresses the company from Santa Catarina. Visitors’ profile in the 2nd Première Brasil was stressed out by Tecnoblu’s Marketing Coordinator, Ligiane da Costa. “We were impressed with the quality of people visiting our stand and walking around the salon. Focused and straightforward people who know our products and seek innovations”, she says. The company has showcased the Book Tecnoblu Kínema, a Greek word meaning movement and translated one of the macrotrends for the Winter 2011. In Tecnoblu, this concept applies to waist tags and exclusive tags.

Denim innovations ensure valuable clients to Cedro. Cássia Silveira, Cedro’s Marketing Manager, says that the company’s second participation in Première Brasil is living up to expectations: “The first edition was a nice surprise. When it comes to qualified visitors, conversant with the textile chain, seeking new products to their companies and apparel businesses, it already exceeds our expectations”. Cedro has operated in this market for 138 years. It has delivered a distinguished denim product including Indigo with inverted weft, with a lighter side, providing clients with more options.

Manufacturer from the South of Turkey seeks representatives in Brazil. Fahri Gugel from Kimteks Tekstil explained this is the first time they participate in Première Brasil. “We are seeking new markets to our fabrics. The fashion salon gives us the chance of winning new clients, which is strategic to the company’s export-boosting plans”, he says. Cotton, Lycra®, Tencel® and linen fabrics in sober colors are some of the company’s strategies to take on new clients in the Brazilian market.

Considered the leader wool manufacturer in Europe, the company intends to expand businesses in Brazil. Yünsa’s International Sales Director, Peter Fowkes, says that Première Brasil’s participation is part of the company’s business plans in Brazil: “Around 80% of our production is exported to China, India, and now, Brazil. With an increasingly strong economic scenario, Brazil is in current and future marketing plans. This is why, for us, participating in an exhibit like this is very important”.

Positive results for a fabric manufacturer from Minas Gerais. Eleonora França, Santanense’s Marketing Manager, believes that the number of visitors has fulfilled expectations, once the company has made marketing communication efforts focusing on clients and potential buyers. “An exhibit with simultaneous launches from all suppliers attracts a specific audience that generally cannot go to Première Vision in Paris”, she said.

Studio Vanda Guerra
Wide range of prints attracts clients to Studio Vanda Guerra. Studio Vanda Guerra’s owner enjoyed the exhibit, especially the audience. “I was quite impressed with such a professional organization and the visitors who came to appreciate us. We made contact with interesting clients, who invest in distinguished prints and appreciates the creativity found in our products”, says Vanda Guerra, who is going to Paris in September to participate in Première Vision.

Whiston and  Wright
English design studio for the first in the fashion salon. Melissa Wright, from the design studio Whiston and Wright, says they are participating in Première Brasil for the first time to get familiar with the local market. “We are investing in this new market, which is booming, as well as in this exhibit with international reputation”, she says.

Rolla Têxtil
The exhibit exceeds trimmings supplier’s expectations. Aline Kautzmann, Rolla Têxtil’s Marketing Manager, enjoyed the
company’s participation in the fashion salon. “It was amazing to see our stand attracting many visitors and new clients”, she says. The audience was well-selected and the flow of people was positive. I believe we will enroll for the next edition of the event”, she says.

Irmãos Perfeito
Company from São Paulo believes that the textile market need such a focused event as Première Brasil. The brothers Walter Perfeito Júnior and Priscilla Perfeito run the family’s trimming company, which has been on air for 50 years. “We received many old clients and potential clients, as well. These days were very busy, with a well-trafficked stand and many people interested in our launches for the Winter 2011”, Júnior says.  “Early in 2010, we visited Mod’Amont in Paris, and enjoyed it a lot. But the show here in Brazil, for our company, is in line with expectations. Mainly because Première Brasil fills a gap in the textile market, formerly focused on other textile shows”, Priscilla says.

Creations Robert Vernet
French creation studio compliments Brazilian show. Benoit Feder, one of the Creations Robert Vernet directors in France, says they have been investing for ten years in the Brazilian market and the show is an opportunity for new businesses in Brazil. “We work with printing designs and believe in the market expansion in Brazil. The show is nice, but we expect it to grow even more over the forthcoming editions”, he says.

Somelos Tecidos
The Portuguese company with a business unit in Brusque (Santa Catarina) has come to the show to display high value-added fabrics. Dêmis Roumeliotis, Somelos’ Commercial and Product Director, believes it is important to participate in the show, especially to give greater visibility to launches. “We are considering the possibility of participating in the next Première Brasil. In this edition, we received small and medium weavers who came to see our brand and the latest launches. Or at least some of these, as we have 12,000 shirting fabric items”, he says.

Têxtil Suíça
The show has exceeded the company’s expectations. Aldo Sanchez, supervising representative in São Paulo, said the number of visitors and the selected audience was the great distinguishing features of the event. “Weavers from São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais have visited our stand. We made new contacts with clients and expect profitable sales from this collection”, he says.

Duntel Creation
Philippe Tanlet, International Sales Manager, says that this is the second time the company enrolls for Première Brasil and the Brazilian market is still getting familiar with their products. “An event like this is good for the company to communicate with Brazilian manufacturers. We expect that over time, and at every edition of the show, we manage to deliver new businesses”, the manager says, highlighting they will probably attend Première Brasil in January.

G. Vallone
Evelin Francini, from the company’s style department, complimented the show’s structure and new venue, underscoring the participation of a higher number of weavers. “We took on 40% more clients than the January edition. It was great. Probably in six months we will here again to launch our products”, she said.

Miroglio Lana
Daniel Cohen, representative in Rio de Janeiro, believes the importance of participating in a show like Première Brasil lies in the direct contact with Brazilian consumers: “It is a way to bring clients together at a single place. For the Brazilian products, foreign competitors are welcome, because it fosters a healthy competition, delivering a win-win opportunity for final consumers”, he says.

Paylana SA
Roberto Klein, from the International Sales Team of the Uruguayan company Paylana, stressed out the high number of visitors and the interchange of clients. “It is bigger than the previous edition. However, we have not yet considered our attendance in the next edition. But we have enrolled for Paris in September”, he said.

Sharing a stand at Première Brasil, for the first time both companies participate in the event. “It was very interesting and we believe the event is starting correctly. We do not have many clients in Brazil, but we see a huge potential here”, they say.

Federica Navarra, Commercial Director of the Italian company Avangard, believes the event was valuable for making new contacts and taking on potential Brazilian clients. “We have worked for 15 years in Brazil, and now we feel that the Brazilian economy is on an upside trend. Clients are seeking distinguished products, which we manage to offer with creativity and innovation. We will be back in January”, she says.

Patrícia Ginzato, Sales Director of the Design Company, said they made many contacts, but have not closed deals. “We supply products to Carlos Miele, Carmine and other major brands. We are seeking new markets, but we still do not have representatives in Brazil”, she says.

Design Union
The Manager Eillen Gleeson believes the event is better than the previous edition. This is because the visitors were more interested in the products, and in closing deals. “These are more focused and specialized professionals, which is great for the marketing of our products”, she says.

Circle Line
Dietman Voegel, from London, said the show is well-organized and visitors are seeking information on the trends. “The event is bigger and we expect it to grow further. Our products have high value-added and the Brazilian market is starting to appreciate such a distinguishing feature”, he said.

Cinthia Massura, from Lenzing’s Marketing Department: “The event provides a nice opportunity to talk to clients and visitors seeking information on our fibers. We perceived that this time, visitors are more focused on business. I believe this is also due to a certain lack of events in this field”, she said.

Sul Têxtil
Sul Têxtil’s Marketing Manager, Cátia Dalago, said the company has turned new client visits into real sales. “I believe we will take part in the next edition, as we have reaped nice benefits from this one. Repeated visits to our stand were important in that sense”, she says.

International Exhibitors: 

“Whiston and Wright are one of the worlds leading designers of print designs for the fashion market. The studio is based in London housing a team of talented in-house designers where all our prints are produced digitally onto fabric. The designs are all one off original pieces which we sell as a mock garment shape. The emphasis of our design ethos is great design in wonderful colour! The designs are sold worldwide to a huge range of middle to high end clients, including high profile labels such as H&M, Banana Republic, Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, Victoria Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, DVF and many other major international brands. We already have a few Brazilian clients who we have worked with continually over the last few years and we are looking forward to the chance to expand our offering in your country!”

Melissa Wright / Whiston and Wright, Textile Design Studio

“Miroglio Textile proposes high definition prints with eleven colors lend a contemporary digitized quality to our prints. The collection has eight themes specially developed for the diversity of Brazilian women with intense colors. Photographic print effects, 80’s and 90’s influences presented on 10 of 60 bases available for production."

Pierluigi Cassinelli / Miroglio Textile srl

“Our collection of this year, is based on the maximum expression of elegance and refinement of our materials. The complexity of our work, make lace ‘The precious’. Transparency and lightness are obtain by using fine and compact yarn, also natural fiber that make a perfect sensation of healt on the skin. The collection is suitable for woman in all exprection: underwear, clothing, homewear, lingerie always romance and feminine.”

Alessandra Ruzza / Pizval S.r.l.

"DUTEL’s collection is based mainly on JACQUARDS. The new autumn-winter 2011/2012 collection has been developed around 5 stories:

- ATELIER (workshop)
This theme is inspired by the English paintings of the 30’s (Bloomsbury):
- Faded flowers in pale colours
- Matt fabrics containing wool or cotton, light and fluid bases and also heavier grounds for cosy coats.
- Designs are blurred, fade out looking in a vintage spirit.
- Flowers are very important in this theme: tapestry, embroideries, etc.
- There are also some ornamental designs inspired by furnishing and carpets (with paisleys)

Twilight colours (navy, black, mauve and absinth green) for fabrics inspired by nature or animal world: insect’s shadows light of undergrowth. These colours give to the theme a poetic and magic spirit. Base fabrics: Fluid satins, light crepes, fabrics with metallic yarns.

Masculin spirit. Twills, small tie drawings (cravatte) in neutral colours. Also stripes, dots, dog teeth in silky and shiny fabrics like satin or taffetas.

- PEAUX (skins)
Animal skins are still really important in all the trends. We declined this theme on different base grounds, light and heavier weights.

This theme is dedicated to plain and structured solid fabrics inspired by Baltic countries.
We have large Norwegian jacquard designs, matt effect with thick embroidered wool yarns."


“AVANTGARD is the biggest Creative Studio Designs  in Como. We are specialized in Print Collection for Ladieswear- Cocktail Dress - Evening Dress - Beachwear and Casualwear. At Première Brasil, we will present Fall-Winter 2011-12 and Summer 2011-12 collections. We produce also Fabrics in Digital  way on Silk Satin, Chiffon, Lycra  both for sampling and production.”

Federica Navarra / AVANTGARD

“We developed a special Fur (Trimming and Accessories) collection adapted to the Brazilian Climate and Taste, using the information that we have received from the visitors during last Première Brasil show in Sao Paolo, January, 2010 and the Trend Previews for A/W 2011/2012. 
Our major Subjects are: Light weight, softness, sensuality, taking into consideration that Real Fur must not be always warming, but can be decorating used in small quantities and combination with other materials.
Basic Materials: Silk/Cashmere/Fur
Main products:
- Shawls/Scarves/Wrappings
- Small fur bands/tapes/borderings
- Accessories - Collars, Cuffs, Handbags
- Hood Trims
Origin Assured
Our company is an official, certified partner of the strictly controlled "OA-Label" Program, supplying only Origin assured Fur."

Thomas Müller / Salisbury 

"This season at Premiere Brasil, Bakay Textiles will be featuring a collection of sophisticated laces that can be worn anywhere from the boudoir, the boardroom, or a night out on the town. Our laces are decorative, classy, and modern with a cutting edge feel.  We pride ourselves as being the trend setters in new lace concepts and are very excited about our new designs that we will be showcasing.
For this collection we were inspired by denim and incorporated that look and feel into a super chic denim lace collection that is a must see.  We also designed a beautiful collection of vintage inspired laces that are special in their unique color ways and ultra soft hand and great drapability.  We are always looking to create the best designed highest quality laces and have gone to great detail to come up with some very new and unique fabrics for this season."


“Regarding the tendences for Autumn/Winter 11-12 these are our themes:
-Fringes or boas with boucle yarn in wool and mohair
-Rouches stretch with laces and shining yarns
-Fringes and piping with chains
-Cords with shining and mohair yarns
-Ajours with satin ribbon”

Daniele Pirola / Passamanerie Pirola Giovanni snc

“Lyria proposes timeless fabrics indipendent of all seasonal trends. Indifferent to the frenzy of great industrial companies, our production has succeeded in proving its originality. Collection after collection, Lyria fabrics have revived patterns belonging to the tradition by employing up-date technical solutions and by offering a peciuliar interpretation of modernity.”

Carmen Fusaro / Lyria SPA

“Our Fall Winter 2011-12 collection will focus on: The neo-romantic and hippy chic trend mixing and matching the most glamorous laces, Victorian flowers and baroque details. The gipsy and Scandinavian folklore inspired by nordic knitted themes and Balkan extravanganza with naïve flowers, paisley and embroideries. The new textures reviving the traditional tweed and abstract to a post-brush stroke modernism.”


“We are supplying, mainly yarn dyed fabrics, a lot of check and stripe with casual vintage style, in natural materials like cotton, linen, ramie, wool etc. Some fabrics are made by old shuttle looms in order to get VINTAGE effect and very original touch and finishing.”


“For our winter III2, we propose several fashion trends:
-> Flowers - small, medium, big, liberty, antique, watercolour Abstract
-> skins and animal prints Geometric and Graphic paintings Paisleys
-> Winterethnics, Folklore Lace and Tricot effects”

Peter Vögtlin / KBC Manufaktur Koechlin

“Since 1913 Manifattura di Domodossola SPA has collaborated in and contributed to the fashion, leather goods, footwear, jewelry, and furniture industries. All our products are entirely designed and created in our own factory so that we can guarantee 100% MADE IN ITALY.
We use only natural raw materials (leather, cotton, linen, rayon, copper, raffia etc.) and all of our processes, including water-based dying, glue, and dressings, are respectful to the environment, our workers, and the final consumer.
The production is done entirely in the new and futuristic building located in Villadossola, a covered area of 8.000 sqm containing about 1.000 machines, which has permitted us to keep high production capacity and the total control of the whole production processes.
The office building, a diamond shape construction, is the heart of all the new projects which are usually developed every 3 months and also hosts the company showroom.
Creativity, innovation, continuous research and complete customer personalization have made us the leaders in our field.”

Giulia Polli / Manifattura di Domodossola SPA

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